Floor coverings made of rubber granulate

Revogum regranulate rubber floorings are manufactured in Poland and are recycled. They are made from fine rubber granulate SBR with the addition of a thermoplastic polymer.

They are characterized by high durability, adhesion, and at the same time they are relatively light and provide an aesthetic appearance. Revogum mats have a protective, non-slip, soundproofing and waterproof function.

A very important advantage of our Revogum floorings is their attractive price, which makes them an effective, yet economical solution.

Unique Revogum mats are only available with us!

These floorings are characterized by long service life, fashionable matt appearance and high resistance to weather conditions. They dampen sounds very well, which is especially important in multi-storey buildings. Besides, they are very easy to assemble.


Revogum floorings are available in 3 and 4 mm thickness variants and in 3 designs: knurled, grooved or checker.

Mats are sold in rolls 1.2 meter wide and 5 or 10 meters long. We offer our customers the possibility to prepare unusual formats of floorings, e.g. strips or pads.

The goods are available in stock in large quantities, so that the order processing time is very fast, without long waiting for production.




Wide application

Revogum rubber floorings, thanks to their damping, insulating and shock absorbing properties, are widely used wherever it is necessary to protect the surface against damage. They are perfect for securing floors against damage in production plants and workshops, and as floorings in warehouse halls. Revogum mat will also be great as a workbench surface.

Recently, more and more people decide to use loft decor in warehouses or halls – Revogum mats are ideal for this purpose, combining aesthetics with functionality. The floorings can be used not only indoors, but also outdoors, as long as it is not exposed to strong solar radiation.

Revogum rubber mats can also play a protective role in the trunks of cars and loading surfaces of passenger cars, buses, semi-trailers and trucks.